Sunday, February 9, 2014

lovely things wanted not needed

February, Fourteenth, Two Thousand Fourteen marks the first Valentine's Day I will spend single in over a decade and a half.  While harsh and daunting as that may sound to some I am really okay with it!  I'm enjoying being by myself, taking care of me, for a change!  So in honor of being mine valentine, I've collected myself a virtual treasury of fourteen lovely gift ideas that I'm totally loving right now!  Let's call it "internet window shopping." 

something in Tiffany blue...

 to keep underneath my pillow...
(not manufactured by Tiffany & Co)
(although they really should get on that)

Or better yet...
 I would gladly keep him on my pillow!
In fact, I just abandoned my "virtual shopping cart" and everything in it 
so I could dash out the door on his big, strong, tattooed arm!
Dear Cupid, please?


Andrea Distler said...

Valentines (in my opinion) is a silly day. I don't celebrate it, and neither does the hubby. Why choose one day to feel forced to buy something red to prove that you love someone? (Or to fatten the pockets of Hallmark?) Why not celebrate love every day? That way it truley comes from the heart, it's not fake or forced. I would prefer a random letter, blue scarf, or hand picked wild flowers on any random day ;)

Brandywine said...

That's a great thought Andrea! While I do still like Valentine's Day I love your idea of celebrating love more randomly or even daily! Bring on the hand picked wild flowers!